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Lovely bouquets in quarts for four consecutive weeks during the summer on the start date of your choosing between July and September. For pick-up at one of our designated drop sites.

Four Weeks of Quarts

  • Bitty Bouquet flowers are all grown by hand on our local farm for the freshest, most seasonal blooms. Due to the whims of nature, we can't guarantee colors or flower varieties in weekly bouquets. Photos are representative of relative size and number of blooms. If you have specific requests, please contact us.

  • Individual Bouquets and Summer Flower Subscriptions are available for pickup at one of our drop sites in Duvall, Shoreline, Edmonds and Phinney Ridge on Fridays after 2pm from June 28-August 30. We will follow up with more specifics about your selected drop site locations. For alternate or pre-season pickup options in Shoreline or on the farm site near Duvall, please email

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